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Only Loomers are allowed here. If you were born fuck off.

Oh good. They're gone. (If you're still reading and you were born, this is your last chance)

Looms is a Doctor Who fan server which started developing its own culture, like a yogurt you bought on the 29th of January 2020 and forgot about, with plenty of inside jokes and references, as well as community events like the Loomathon, Cards Against Looms and Lee's Jackbox games.

Obey the Vibe Council.

Generate your very own cursed looms nickname or Loom a Timelord.

Loosely affliated with https://thecollectionmc.fandom.com/wiki/The_Collection_Wiki

As of Monday 10 August 2020 there are 209 articles and 107 files on Looms Wiki

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The Looms Discord Server



Doctor Who

Lisa Borrowerman

Looms Against Humanity



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